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Mens R.M Williams Comfort Tambo

Mens R.M Williams Comfort Tambo

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B549Y.41 Chestnut

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Uniquely made in our factory in Adelaide from one piece of leather, these beautiful Comfort Tambo boots come in a range of colours, using the finest yearling leather. They feature extra-wide fit and extra-wide chisel square toe and flat heel as well as sewn welt plain non-slip composition sole and comfort innersole. Comfort Technology features fibreglass airport-friendly shank, which reinforces the shape of the boot and supports the arch. Padded heel lining increases the superior comfort of the insole. Soft, durable microfibre ‘sock lining’ draws moisture away from the foot, allowing the foot to breathe. Light sole construction increases flexibility while retaining the durability of a composition sole. Made in Australia.